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I’m Brian, a UI/UX designer and writer from the Philippines.

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About Me

I have a passion for ideating, designing, and creating products and experiences that add value to the world.

My Portfolio

Here's a few case studies of my UI/UX design work:

HangTime Web App

HangTime is a web app my friend and I built to help students compare schedules and schedule meetings easily. I helped design and code our “Designer” feature, which amassed 2000+ users in just 3 days. HangTime now has 9,000+ users and is widely used every semester in colleges in Manila.

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HeronChat Mobile App

HeronChat is a mobile app that helps Filipinos find overseas jobs and connect with other overseas workers. I designed our landing page, our mobile app, and web dashboard for agencies from scratch. I also mentored a co-designer to help me in designing these.

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Vesto App Prototype

Vesto is a personal finance app that a client hired me to design and prototype. I created the app's brand identity, designed the logo and screens, and made an interactive prototype using Adobe XD.

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HealthHacks Website

HealthHacks PH is a non-profit organization I co-founded with a few friends. I designed and coded our website for our HealthHacks Hackathon 2017. The website helped us double the number of participants who signed up to join.

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Blizzard Blast Database System

This website was created for my CS 122 final project, wherein we had to create a database system and website for a fictional client, Blizzard Blast. I coded the front-end of the website, and I used PHP to connect it with the MySQL database.

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TEDxADMU Website

I helped create the TEDxADMU website as part of UX Society’s consultancy team. I designed three new sections of the website and helped polish the website’s design and code.

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My Articles

I love writing articles related to productivity and UI/UX design. Here's a few of my favorites:

You can read other articles of mine at blog.briantan.xyz.

Contact Me

Get in touch with me at brian.tan@obf.ateneo.edu.

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